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  • Sophisticated

    We provide investment strategies that go beyond mutual funds and municipals, providing high net worth individuals and families with portfolio management across multiple asset classes with an emphasis on capitalizing on mis-priced assets, then mis-priced sectors, then mis-priced securities in an attempt to generate positive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Independent

    We offer unbiased advice, as we are not aligned with a broker-dealer and neither do we generate revenue based on commissions on the sale of investment products. All of our revenue is fee-based and paid by our clients.
  • Multi Asset

    We analyze relative value across multiple asset classes, including equity, equity hybrids, fixed income, commodities, currencies, private equity and real estate in an effort to determine which asset classes offer the most attractive long-term return potential.
  • Rigorous

    Consistent with our research heritage, we bring a disciplined investment process to security selection steeped in a deep analytical framework that is both top-down and bottom-up.
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